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Arthur Schwartz

Hi, I’m Arthur Schwartz, executive business coach, award-winning sales trainer, coach, and long-time mentor. After 35 years of training and coaching professionals in sales, communications, presentations and watching people grow into their absolute best selves, I am excited to reveal my secrets… not only how to create a successful sales team but also to keep your momentum going (and growing) in your business world.

Arthur embarked on his first sales journey successfully selling Life and Health insurance over 35 years ago.  During his tenure early on, he developed a passion for helping others achieve their goals.  This led him to sell Dale Carnegie training in San Diego with a team of sales professionals.  During that time he and his team grew the fastest growing territory internationally spanning over 60 countries.  He left that organization the top salesperson in the country.  Arthur began to develop an appreciation for technology solutions that enable companies to streamline their sales and marketing operations. After some research, Arthur’s became a Value Added Reseller for a Proposal and RFP Solution provider. Within a short period, he became “Rookie of The Year’ for the Sant Corporation selling technology enablement solutions.  He expanded his technology solutions selling practice to include “hands-on” sales coaching. Proven and consistent results are not easy for many sales coaches to produce but with nearly 35 years in sales and hundreds upon hundreds of personal experiences from which to draw, 

 He has managed top – performing sales teams in three organizations, two of which are publicly traded companies.  And he has led revenue-producing sales initiatives across two of those organizations.  His Professional coaching background goes back 30 plus years including coaching CEOs and former CEOs of multi-million dollar companies.

The coaching Arthur offers maximizes results and sustained growth through the use of unique “live coaching” options, technology-enabled support systems, and ROI tools.

Arthur has provided over 2,000 hours of coaching for CEOs/Chairs at Vistage Worldwide, the world’s leading business advisory and executive coaching organization.

The coaching and training Arthur offers have benefited hundreds of professionals in corporate environments as well as entrepreneurs, seasoned leaders and ascending millennials in the U.S. and globally.

Arthur is a Professional Certified Coach (P.C.C), credentialed through the International Coach Federation (ICF) and serves as founding Board member of the San Diego chapter of ICF.  He is a certified Enhanced Practitioner of Conversational Intelligence (C-IQ). Arthur is also a practitioner of “Coaching with ROI”, a system designed to demonstrate quantitative and qualitative value to individuals and companies enrolled in coaching contracts or projects.

Arthur received his first formal training in 1985 with the Dale Carnegie where he became a five-course trainer in sales, sales management, effective human relations, public speaking, presentation skills, and leadership.  He also has set up robust sales training and sales management programs for two publicly traded companies.  Both of these enterprises had a sales workforce of over 150 salespeople.  He then went on to develop and deliver training programs on effective presentation skills using video coaching as the prime modality.  This two-day program was delivered to over 300 participants with overwhelming success.  He also continues to conduct training globally for start-ups to Fortune 50 companies.

What’s different today in managing a Sale force of the 21st century?  Technology has leveled the playing field.  Social Selling enables sales people today to communicate with their prospects and customers through LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.  Relationships are forged by enabling customers to build trust and make decisions without directly having contact with a salesperson until they are ready.

With a track record of managing high performing sales teams in three previous companies. Arthur understands what it takes to motivate and enable a sales team with the right tools and resources to differentiate themselves from the competition.

Chris Dawson                                               

Chris has dynamic experience in business development and management within the technology, service and manufacturing industries. He has been retained by large and startup companies to generate immediate impact in profitability and to fortify strategic partnerships within each respective market.

As a native of Peru and fluent Spanish speaker, he has maintained close business and personal relationships in Latin-America and Mexico which continues to offer significant strategy transfer value for the various organizations he engages with.

Chris lives and breathes business and entrepreneurship. At times, he has even called it the best “sport” that exists on this planet! He draws his energy from standing shoulder to shoulder with organizations while assisting them to address potential sales production roadblocks that often hinder success.

With stout expertise in relationship building, complex problem solving, driving net-new business and strategic planning geared towards driving market growth, Chris has a large arsenal to accelerate the top line revenue for organizations he supports. For Chris, rolling up his sleeves and partnering with clients to achieve ROI is exciting.