My experience with Arthur is that he brings in many qualities to a business relationship. Here I will focus on one—his effectiveness as an executive coach. The consultant’s role is to advise us (usually on a one-time basis) on what we should do within and with our organizations. The executive coach’s role is to advise us on what we should do to deal with concerning ourselves. We all have internal idiosyncrasies, biases, habits, blind spots, and gremlins, which are often identified in the coaching process. Therein lie our major vulnerabilities as leaders. This is the main reason we each need a strong coach—like Arthur Schwartz—in dealing with ourselves objectively on self-evaluation and implementation matters.
Two years ago when I was embarking on adding a new dimension to my consulting business, I had the benefit of Arthur’s coaching. He helped me achieve my goals by recognizing and dealing with some attitudes and gremlins in my selling and communication habits. He was also effective in helping me remain on track and avoid procrastination.

Vince Liuzza
Principal, Liuzza Management Consulting, Inc., Vistage Worldwide, Inc.