Sales Coaching

Coaching at the Desk

The purpose of Coaching at the Desk is to provide coaches (Directors, Sales Managers, Senior Managers) with a teaching method for new, and rising employees. This method teaches your trainers how to effectively transfer their skills to the learners while at the desk. Learn more.

Conversational Sales Coaching

We will train your employees to get rid of that “salesperson voice” and talk like real people, to real people. One more way to stand out from the competition, and gain your clientele’s trust. Learn more.

Real-time Sales Coaching

Our professional Accelerant Sales Coaches are here to improve your employees’ performance meaning that you don’t have to forfeit your sales team. Learn more.


Presentation Coaching

Engaging and connecting to an audience doesn’t come naturally to everybody. Thankfully everybody can learn how to give winning presentations. Our presentation training program is designed to show you how to be a skilled presenter and to get over the fear of public speaking. Learn more.