Coaching At The Desk


The purpose of “Coaching At The Desk” is to provide coaches (Directors, Sales Managers, Senior Managers) with a teaching method  for new, and rising employees.  This  method teaches your trainers and coaches how to effectively transfer their knowledge and skills to the  learners by explaining, demonstrating, observing, and providing feedback on specific tasks while at the desk.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Increased  ability to communicate and transfer their knowledge and skill
  • Understand the psychology of learning
  • Deliver “Constructive Feedback”
  • Build their Learner’s confidence and skills for success
  • Provide a transferable model within any sales organization

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Conversational Sales Coaching

How often have you sat down with a salesperson or someone in a business development role and they just didn’t come across as natural?  In other words, in your gut, you didn’t experience them as their natural self?  Most sales people aren’t even aware why they are unable to connect with their potential clients or customers.  How much is it costing your company during these wasted encounters?

In Conversational Selling we help people discover their natural way of communicating with people so they don’t sound like a TV commercial.

Our goal is to have you or your salespeople never lose an opportunity to close a sale again.  Conversational Selling will foster a two-way dialog that will create effective communication and generate new business.

The training we offer in Conversational Selling shows business professionals how to develop the skills necessary to engage clients and better understand their individual desires, challenges, and opportunities.

Whether you’re in telephone sales, or face-to-face, we train salespeople of all levels to speak more confidently and therefore produce better results, therein generating more income.

Learner Outcomes

  • Approach problems persuasively instead of aggressively
  • Eliminate “salesperson voice”
  • Closing tactics
  • Handle client concerns head on instead of trying to distract them with price lists and mission statements
  • Confidence boost

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Real-Time Sales Coaching

When it comes to coaching a sales team, few options have been available to managers in the past.  Typically, sales training events required teams to be pulled away from their desks, forced to stop selling, so that they could attend a training event with little guarantee that the principles taught would be followed.

Now, with Real Time Sales Coaching, businesses no longer have to forfeit their sales teams for hours on end to make sure they receive the training needed to succeed; nor do managers have to wonder about whether or not the principles taught in training are being followed.

We will put an experienced and accomplished sales professional (somebody with years of experience who has sold millions of dollars worth of products and services) right next to your sales people while they talk to real prospects to close real deals. The prospects will never even know they’re there.  This revolutionary sales coaching system utilizes internet chat software to let your salespeople communicate with a sales coach via chat in real time while the salesperson thinks about what they are going to say to the prospect.  While listening in on the conversation between your salesperson and the prospect, the Accelerant Sales Coach will coach your salesperson on how to respond to the questions and concerns of the prospect in real time, giving your team an edge they can’t get anywhere else.

Think of it like having a “sales whisperer” on your staff, somebody who’s in the weeds with your team, mentoring and guiding them in real time towards closing the deals you expect them to close.

Learner Outcomes

  • Personalized coaching
  • Boost closing skills
  • Motivation to succeed
  • Empowering learner’s strengths and strategies to worth through their weaknesses

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