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If you rely on public speaking to attract and engage clients, Accelerant Coaching offers practical training in captivating an audience.

Unless the audience connects with the speaker, it isn’t a useful or powerful presentation.  Thankfully it’s not as difficult as you may think.

Accelerant Coaching delivers presentation skills training in a format that is simple to understand and highly effective at getting results.

The public speaking skills training portion of our program allows participants the opportunity to give several practice presentations in front of a camera and a live audience, offering feedback in the form of instructor-led critiques and a video record of participants’ presentations that can be easily accessed at a later time for independent review.

Training in presentation skills is ideally delivered over two days of instruction that covers the basic elements of an effective presentation.

Learner Outcomes
  • Deliver a presentation that is relevant, understandable, and persuasive
  • Connect with audience in a way that inspires confidence and builds trust
  • Craft persuasive presentations that will produce direct results
  • Overcome the fear of public-speaking
  • Maximize PowerPoint presentations

The presentation skills training program offered by Accelerant Coaching is professionally instructed by corporate level trainers with over 30 years of experience designing and delivering training programs for some of Southern California’s largest companies, like PacifiCare.

Our instructors have taught in over 250 cities across 45 states in the U.S.  Unlike many of our competitors, our instructors have personally succeeded at all levels of business, from small business ownership to corporate upper management.  The reason our training programs work is that they have been designed by people with practical and measurable experience.

Our Founder, Arthur Schwartz, has also had the distinction of being chosen by McCarthy & Associates to assist in their presentation training program for the past ten years in companies like Cisco Systems. See Arthur Schwartz on LinkedIn.

Arthur is an amazing trainer in the areas of presenting and peak performance. My clients are extremely important to me, so when I choose a trainer for my team, I only want the absolute very best and that’s what Arthur is, the very best. He has delivered several programs for me and he always produces outstanding results. He puts everything he has into every training he does and my clients absolutely love him!

Tom McCarthy

Head Coach at Thomas McCarthy & Associates; Author of Win The Presentation Game, Thomas McCarthy & Associates

Professional Credentials

Professional Credentials

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