What is Sales Enablement?

Grow Your Business Faster By Aligning Your People, Processes, And Priorities


  • Accelerate Ramp Time

  • Achieve Quota Attainment

  • Increase Sales Velocity

  • Decrease Attrition

  • Improve Sales Performance

  • Increase Win Rates

  • Streamline the OnBoard Process

  • Develop a Consistent Coaching Cadence


Aberdeen found that companies with excellent successful Sales Enablement programs have:


  • 32% higher team sales quota attainment

  • 24% better individual quota achievement

  • 23% higher lead conversion rate

Faster Revenue Outcomes

Experience dramatic improvements in time to ramp and time to revenue.


SalesHood helps teams Learn, Coach and Sell faster, improving time to ramp, quota attainment and sales velocity.


Improve time to revenue and time to quota with just-in-time training and onboarding that’s engaging and collaborative.


Automate and streamline team and manager coaching with templates, tips and workflow designed to boost quota attainment.


Improve sales productivity with sales content and win stories delivered just-in-time for customer conversations.


Metrics & KPIs

Quota Attainment-Win/Loss Ratio-Win/Loss Rates-Sales Cycle Time-Deal Size-Time to Ramp-Employee Attrition-Content Effectiveness-Employee Enagement

Sales Planning

Sales Plans-Product Plans-Best Practices-Territory Planning-Self-Source Pipeline-Quarterly-Monthy- Video Record Plans


Sales Methodology-Sales Process-Territory Planning-Account Planning-Quote To Cash

Budget & ROI

Cost Benefit Analysis-Calcuate the Right Enablement Bets-Revenue Impact-Attainment by Role


Coaching-Consumption Enablement-Sales-Discovery Call Summaries-Peer-Sales Plan-Pipeline Review

Plans by Role

Partner Roles -Tools and Processes-


Pitch & Product

Certification-Presentation-Elevator Pitch-Contest-Videos-Recordings-Score Peers-Pitch Practice

Social Learning

Just-In-Time Video-Enabled Learning-Accelerated the Outcomes Active Learning

Skills Training

Skills Map-Building Blocks, Custom Design Learning-Practice


Between Managers and Teams-High Performance Coaching-Coaching as a Leadership Skill-Develop their full potential-Coaching Culture-Coaching Goals


Pitch Assessments-Self-Assessents-Check Competence-Methods-Keep it Fun-Map to the Sales Process


Company-Wide Activity-Stand and Deliver Learning Culture-New-Hire-Coaching Culture-Process-Path-Best Practices-Journey


Team Huddles

Execute Plans-Content ready for Managers-Bi-Directional Communication-Shared Learning-Accelerate coaching moments on industry knowledge-Feedback mechanism


Video-Weekly or monthly employee broadcasts are a great way to drive momentum and rally teams to share updates-“Shared Successes”

Content Library

Scale-searchable and personalized with content recommendations-Buyers Personas-Elevator Pitch-Corporate Presentations-Email Templates-Sales Process-Competitive Battle-Cards-Deal-win storeis-Customer stories and references


Product Release-Enablement activities-Clear distributed ownership with timelines and schedules


The communicaton of ideas and content-a collection of files and actions that help drive key metrics that are tied back to the go-to-market priorities-a collection of materials that include the basics, like industry trends, buyer profiles, elevator pitch, customer stories, sales process aides, FAQs, and competition


Crowdsourcing best practices of content, stories, and playbook execution-Winning Sales Presentations-Emails with hight open rates-Winning Proposals-



Propspecting Cadence-Engaging Prospects-Prospecting Outreach-Prospecting Emails


Reference Customers-Leveraging References-Reference Calls-Reference Strategy-Ideal References

Value Selling

Current situation, problems, impacts, ideals, and benefits



Proposal Strategy-Proposal Methodology-Proposal Format-Proposal Structure

Call Execution

Call Cadence-Call Scripting-Call Coaching


Negotiatie the timeline-Negotiate Pricing-Negotiation Tips-Negotiation Conversations-Successful Negotiations



Attainment Data-Sales Entainment-Quota Entainment-Higher Attainment


Discover how to drive productive sales behavior for the right reasons and reward your team members when it makes sense. 

Win Stories

Celebrating Win Stories-Crowdsource Win Stories-Socialize Win Stories-Mobilze Win Stories


 Learn how to master Hybrid Sales Kickoffs in a transitioning workplace environment.


Pinpoint how to accurately compensate by role and performance. 


Master how to standardize certifying your team on sales and coaching skills.


Trusted by Top Companies Around the Globe

Arthur is one of the most professional sales leaders I have ever met. We have a relationship that arcs over 35-years, from his days at Dale Carnegie to today. He has always been a vast resource for our organization and our members. He can speak on ANY sales related topic. His presentations are passionate, informative, challenging and highly interactive.

Jim Tenuto

Mentor, accountability partner, connector and facilitation as the owner at Renaissance Executive Forums San Diego, Renaissance Forums

Arthur is an amazing trainer in the areas of presenting and peak performance. My clients are extremely important to me, so when I choose a trainer for my team, I only want the absolute very best and that's what Arthur is, the very best. He has delivered several programs for me and he always produces outstanding results. He puts everything he has into every training he does and my clients absolutely love him!

Tom McCarthy

Head Coach at Thomas McCarthy & Associates; Author of Win The Presentation Game, Thomas McCarthy & Associates

Arthur has been fantastic to work with over the last few months. His approach and tremendous insight has brought a ton of value to our sales organization at a very critical time. His ability to quickly assess our companies value prop, diagnose core issues, and formulate new techniques that fit into today's world has given everyone a fresh perspective and had a positive impact across our sales organization. If you are looking for new and relevant ways to grow your business and motivate your team, I highly recommend Arthur as your guy!

Jeff Fallis

Vice President, Sales, Blast Motion, Inc.

When we were planning our West Territory Government Leadership Conference, we wanted to offer something to the entire team that would be memorable and impactful.  More importantly, we wanted to deliver a development program that would inspire and differentiate our Broker Managers in the field to attract and engage more actively selling Brokers then our competitors.  I am happy to say that the two-day “FIRE-UP” program delivered/facilitated by Master Trainer, Arthur Schwartz exceeded our expectations.  In fact, the surveys that have come back from the team all have one theme in common:  “Thank you, Senior Leadership; you knocked it out of the park with the FIRE UP program” and a rating of 97% on a 100 point scale – the first time I’ve seen this in my tenure at Aetna.

Gary Culp

Territory Vice President, Aetna

“Arthur is a true sales and marketing pro. He has a passion for sales effectiveness and a very strong work ethic. I first started working with Arthur in the late 1990s when he was a reseller for our software applications. He successfully sold and implemented our solutions to well-known corporations and was consistently one of our top-performing business partners. His organization, Company Coach, provided our customers with top-notch consulting services and support. I unreservedly recommend that any potential employer give Arthur serious consideration for a position with their company.”

Brian Vass

Vice President, Marketing, The Sant Corporation

I have known Arthur for over 20 years working together in the Medicare Sales industry. Arthur was hired on by Aetna to conduct a 2 day Sales Presenter and coaching session training with our West regional sales team and all applauded the Fire Up training method, indicating it was one of the best sales trainings they had attended. He also videotaped the team which created an outstanding team building session as an added benefit. Art has a down to earth approach with valuable content that our employees could easily implement in the field. He is genuine in wanting to help teams succeed and I highly recommend Arthur and the “Fire-Up system” in taking your team to the next level in presenting and providing valuable feedback for success.

Cindy Shirey-Miller

Market Head of Sales - Medicare Division, Aetna