Conversational Selling

How often have you sat down with a salesperson or someone in a business development role and they just didn’t come across as natural?  In other words, in your gut, you didn’t experience them as their natural self?  Most sales people aren’t even aware why they are unable to connect with their potential clients or customers.  How much is it costing your company during these wasted encounters?

In Conversational Selling we help people discover their natural way of communicating with people, so they don’t sound like a TV commercial.

The training we offer in Conversational Selling shows business professionals how to develop the skills necessary to engage clients and better understand their individual desires, challenges, and opportunities.

Our goal is to have you or your salespeople never lose an opportunity to close a sale again.  Conversational Selling will foster a two-way dialog that will create effective communication and generate new business.

Whether you’re in telephone sales, or face-to-face, we train salespeople of all levels to speak more confidently and therefore produce better results, therein generating more income.

Learner Outcomes

  • Approach problems persuasively instead of aggressively
  • Eliminate “salesperson voice”
  • Closing tactics
  • Handle client concerns head on instead of trying to distract them with price lists and mission statements
  • Confidence boost

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“I first met Arthur in 1985 when he applied for a sales position with Dale Carnegie and Associates, Inc. I immediately recognized that his communications skills were already excellent. And yet, that being said, I greatly underestimated how good he was at the time. He was an award leader in his first full year in the business. A year later he was an award winning team leader. He set the example for having a sterling work ethic. Arthur is one of the most motivated people I’ve met. He does his homework, he plans his work, and then he executes with precision and poise. He gets excellent results. He's even better at leading sales teams. He's the guy who can Sell, Present, Manage and Motivate a team of sales people whether they are inside sales or outside sales. I worked with him at Secure Horizons when he was hired as the Sales Training Manager. He trained Sales Managers for 3 types of selling situations, inside phone sales, outside one-on-one sales people, and sales people who sold to groups. Arthur was excellent at all three, and really excelled with outside sales people. None of us have all of the answers to all of the challenges we may face. But, when it comes to leading a sales team, Arthur Schwartz is one of the best-trained people I know who can facilitate excellent results for most people. Call him!”

Doug Carter

President, Carter International Training

“Arthur's leadership, expertise, and vision was instrumental in development and on-going management of AMN Healthcare's sales operations and sales training programs for our $750M revenue, 250+ person sized sales division. Arthur is a truly remarkable person who’s efforts with AMN’s sales teams has significantly improved individual and organizational performance. His robust knowledge of the healthcare industry, best sales practices, and organizational development principals are rare to find and were instrumental to the development and success of AMNs’ sales operations. Specifically, he oversaw the gap analysis of our complex sales cycle and managed a training team through the course design and ongoing delivery of a performance based on-boarding program. The result was the acceleration of new hire productivity ramp-up; generating $12 million in incremental revenue within a 12 month period.”

Will Morse

Vice President of Sales Operations, AMN HealthCare, “Arthur's leadership

“Arthur has been an invaluable asset to training and coaching Business Finance Consultants such as myself. I've seen a big increase in my sales totals since I started working 1 on 1 with Arthur in real-time deal coaching sessions. My conversion rates and cash rates have soared, and I owe a lot of my recent success to Arthur's vast experience, confidence, and detailed understanding of customer needs and motivations. I highly recommend Arthur for any Sales oriented training/coaching positions. Simply put, he is the best I've worked with.”

Ryan Robinson

BFC, Five Point Capital

“Arthur has been a consultant with Five Point Capital for a couple years. In his most recent time with Five Point Capital I had the opportunity to work side by side with Arthur to train the sales group. Arthur brought about fresh sales ideas as well as new technology, making the sales coaching even more effective. Arthur learned the business quickly and was able to provide on call coaching to new and tenured sales representatives. Arthur brought his own recommendations, but always went along with the direction provided by management. Arthur has been a valuable asset and part of our team's success can be attributed to the work he has done.”

Luke O’Dell

Sales Manager, Five Point Capital

“I worked with Arthur as my top business partner while I was the Channel manager at the Sant Corporation. Arthur showed tenacious follow through and super insights while acting as a Sant certified business partner. The clients Art helped received great value from his ability to bring conceptual benefits down into tangible cash flow in all aspects of the complex B2B sales cycle. He is a trustworthy, warm and charismatic individual, with a wealth of wisdom and street-smarts.”

Shawn Johnson

SR National Account Manager, The Sant Corporation

Professional Credentials

Professional Credentials

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