Coaching with technology will get you there faster

Follow through is what transforms great coaching into real results. Accelerant Coaching structures and supports your coaching programs to create just that.

With Accelerant Coaching, you will have a results-driven experience and practical outcomes:

  • A mobile app for keeping up on the go
  • Tools to track progress and manage your plan
  • Timely pings to maintain momentum
  • A running record of resources, results, insights & results

Want your own “sales whisperer”?

We offer you “real-time” coaching during your calls with prospects, so that you can achieve results instantly.   Using ready-to-go technology at no cost to you, Accelerant Coaching helps you hit your goals while you learn.  The techniques and sales scripts your coach “whispers” to you “live” are available to you later. This way, you can continue to practice and fine-tune your learning.

“I contracted with Arthur in July 2011 to help us accelerate our sales results with more “hands-on” coaching. He was able to quickly learn our sales process and effectively embed himself in the Five Point Sales Organization. Unlike many consultants who give you answers before knowing the issues, Arthur took the time to listen to literally hundreds of calls and spend hours with each sales representative to better understand our challenges and then develop specific success plans. His one-to-one coaching sessions with reps had an immediate impact with increased sales performance shown in his first month working with us. Arthur brought fresh sales ideas and leveraged technology in ways we had not, allowing him to leverage his time and leverage our results. His vast experience of dissecting a customers true need, combined with his effective coaching and interpersonal skills helped our sales reps achieve results most had not previously achieved. He always respected and supported the management team, finding the right balance of blending his past successes with the vision and direction being set for him to coach in. He is a trustworthy, warm and charismatic individual, with a wealth of wisdom and street smarts and I would recommend Arthur as a resource to any organization serious about improving their sales results.”

Greg Wells

CEO, Five Point Capital

Professional Credentials

Professional Credentials

So what are you waiting for? Get the help you need in your business to overcome the challenges you're facing!