Why Sales Coaching?

Sales coaching is one of the most underrated competencies in most sales organizations.  The greatest challenges Sales Leadership struggles with every day are, “how do I balance short and long-term goals while creating a learning culture where my team can continuously grow and take advantage of sales coaching?”

Consistent sales coaching helps sales leadership avoid focusing on the short-term tactics and behaviors to hit their numbers, month over month. What would it take to shift the focus on learning to accelerate the change necessary? By creating an environment where learning is encouraged, and feedback is valued, team members will naturally become engaged in the process.

“Arthur has been a consultant with Five Point Capital for a couple years. In his most recent time with Five Point Capital I had the opportunity to work side by side with Arthur to train the sales group. Arthur brought about fresh sales ideas as well as new technology, making the sales coaching even more effective. Arthur learned the business quickly and was able to provide on-call coaching to new and tenured sales representatives. Arthur brought his own recommendations but always went along with the direction provided by management. Arthur has been a valuable asset and part of our team’s success can be attributed to the work he has done.”

Luke O’Dell

Sales Manager, Five Point Capital

“I worked with Arthur as my top business partner while I was the Channel manager at the Sant Corporation. Arthur showed tenacious follow through and super insights while acting as a Sant certified business partner. The clients Art helped received great value from his ability to bring conceptual benefits down into tangible cash flow in all aspects of the complex B2B sales cycle. He is a trustworthy, warm and charismatic individual, with a wealth of wisdom and street-smarts.”

Shawn Johnson

SR National Account Manager, The Sant Corporation

“I contracted with Arthur in July 2011 to help us accelerate our sales results with more “hands-on” coaching. He was able to quickly learn our sales process and effectively embed himself in the Five Point Sales Organization. Unlike many consultants who give you answers before knowing the issues, Arthur took the time to listen to literally hundreds of calls and spend hours with each sales representative to better understand our challenges and then develop specific success plans. His one-to-one coaching sessions with reps had an immediate impact with increased sales performance shown in his first month working with us. Arthur brought fresh sales ideas and leveraged technology in ways we had not, allowing him to leverage his time and leverage our results. His vast experience of dissecting a customers true need, combined with his effective coaching and interpersonal skills helped our sales reps achieve results most had not previously achieved. He always respected and supported the management team, finding the right balance of blending his past successes with the vision and direction being set for him to coach in. He is a trustworthy, warm and charismatic individual, with a wealth of wisdom and street smarts and I would recommend Arthur as a resource to any organization serious about improving their sales results.”

Greg Wells

CEO, Five Point Capital

“Arthur is a true sales and marketing pro. He has a passion for sales effectiveness and a very strong work ethic. I first started working with Arthur in the late 1990s when he was a reseller for our software applications. He successfully sold and implemented our solutions to well-known corporations and was consistently one of our top performing business partners. His organization, Company Coach, provided our customers with top-notch consulting services and support. I unreservedly recommend that any potential employer give Arthur serious consideration for a position with their company.”

Brian Vass

Vice President, Marketing, The Sant Corporation

“Arthur has been an invaluable asset to training and coaching Business Finance Consultants such as myself. I’ve seen a big increase in my sales totals since I started working 1 on 1 with Arthur in real-time deal coaching sessions. My conversion rates and cash rates have soared, and I owe a lot of my recent success to Arthur’s vast experience, confidence, and detailed understanding of customer needs and motivations. I highly recommend Arthur for any Sales oriented training/coaching positions. Simply put, he is the best I’ve worked with.”

Ryan Robinson

BFC, Five Point Capital

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