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Arthur is an amazing trainer in the areas of presenting and peak performance. My clients are extremely important to me, so when I choose a trainer for my team, I only want the absolute very best and that’s what Arthur is, the very best. He has delivered several programs for me and he always produces outstanding results. He puts everything he has into every training he does and my clients absolutely love him!

Tom McCarthy

Head Coach at Thomas McCarthy & Associates; Author of Win The Presentation Game, Thomas McCarthy & Associates

When we were planning our West Territory Government Leadership Conference, we wanted to offer something to the entire team that would be memorable and impactful.  More importantly, we wanted to deliver a development program that would inspire and differentiate our Broker Managers in the field to attract and engage more actively selling Brokers then our competitors.  I am happy to say that the two-day “FIRE-UP” program delivered/facilitated by Master Trainer, Arthur Schwartz exceeded our expectations.  In fact, the surveys that have come back from the team all have one theme in common:  “Thank you, Senior Leadership; you knocked it out of the park with the FIRE UP program” and a rating of 97% on a 100 point scale – the first time I’ve seen this in my tenure at Aetna.

Gary Culp

Territory Vice President, Aetna

Arthur is one of the most professional sales leaders I have ever met. We have a relationship that arcs over 35-years, from his days at Dale Carnegie to today. He has always been a vast resource for our organization and our members. He can speak on ANY sales related topic. His presentations are passionate, informative, challenging and highly interactive.

Jim Tenuto

Mentor, accountability partner, connector and facilitation as the owner at Renaissance Executive Forums San Diego, Renaissance Forums

I have known Arthur for over 20 years working together in the Medicare Sales industry. Arthur was hired on by Aetna to conduct a 2 day Sales Presenter and coaching session training with our West regional sales team and all applauded the Fire Up training method, indicating it was one of the best sales trainings they had attended. He also videotaped the team which created an outstanding team building session as an added benefit.
Art has a down to earth approach with valuable content that our employees could easily implement in the field. He is genuine in wanting to help teams succeed and I highly recommend Arthur and the “Fire-Up system” in taking your team to the next level in presenting and providing valuable feedback for success.

Cindy Shirey-Miller

Market Head of Sales - Medicare Division - California , Aetna


“Arthur was hired to provide Sales Training and Coaching, and to assist with the transition of new Sales Management Team at Five Point Capital. Arthur did a fantastic job. He was very well organized and conducted hands-on results-oriented sales training classes and followed them up with side-by-side coaching at our sales reps’ desks. He was a valuable temporary member of my management staff. Arthur and I collaborated on scripts and developing on-going training modules. Our sales reps looked forward to their time together with Arthur and they all felt that they improved after working with him. We worked on everything from delivering high-quality voice mail messages that get returned to closing the sale and how to coach team members effectively. He delivered everything he said he would and more. I highly recommend Arthur and plan on using him again soon.”

David Krakower

Director of Sales, Five Point Capital

Can't say enough about Arthur and how he helped raise my game for a high-profile speaking engagement -- serving as the MC of our global user event. I asked Arthur to make me feel more comfortable on stage and deliver a compelling message. He did way more than that, helping me craft my message, my delivery, and challenging me to engage the audience. Public speaking is an art, and nobody understands it better than Arthur. He will make your presentation and delivery exponentially better. Thank you Arthur!

L. Erik Bratt

Sr. Director Corporate Marketing & Communications, Kyriba


Arthur is a master at crafting a marketing and sales message that resonates, and at coaching his clients on message delivery techniques that cut through the noise and demand attention. I worked with Arthur as I was launching my first Vistage group. I found him to be completely locked in on helping me achieve success. He was easily accessible and responsive any time I needed a quick tip or strategy, full of creative and unique ideas, and just a ton of fun to work with. His vast experience is evident from his ability to quickly assess an opportunity, diagnose the pressure points, and design a strategy to ensure your audience hears a compelling message relevant to their needs. If you are looking for business or sales growth strategies and coaching, I recommend Arthur based upon the powerful results I achieved while working with him.

Melissa Fraser, CPA

CEO Executive Coach | CEO Peer Advisory Board Chair at Vistage Worldwide, Inc.| Partner Strothman and Company, Vistage International


I had the opportunity to work with Arthur who was part of my Peer Group Launch Team at Vistage. Arthur was my launch coach and was a valuable asset for me personally and professionally. His background in sales, plus his skill set in coaching brought great value each week as we met for about 4 months. Arthur was able to help me see more clearly the challenges that I faced and quickly identify the steps I could be taking to win. And it worked -- our team successfully launched! Aside from Coaching, I've found Arthur to be just a down to earth great guy to work with. Arthur, thanks for your help, partnership, and friendship. Press On My Friend!! - Andrew

Andrew Mulford

CEO at One Life Group, Vistage Worldwide, Inc.

Arthur was my coach during the time I was building my first Vistage CEO group, building my practice. Arthur’s greatest strength was encouraging me to achieve more than I thought I could. He used my successes to show me how I️ could raise the bar for myself in ways that were challenging but that I could certainly achieve. He offered a great combination of support and challenge, always with a glass full outlook.

Carolyn Washburn

Chair, Vistage executive groups, Vistage

There are two words that come to mind immediately when I think of Arthur as my coach and mentor “Caring” and “Knowledgeable”. When you work with Arthur as your mentor you not only gain the insight from his successful career but you also have a mentor that makes certain you stay on track and focused on your goals. Additionally important is that Arthur someone you enjoy being around he has a very positive attitude and makes you examine the value of a positive work/life balance. Anyone considering Arthur as a coach and mentor will clearly benefit from the relationship.

Bill Forlenza

Business Consultant, Bill Forlenza Consulting


“Arthur has been an invaluable asset to training and coaching Business Finance Consultants such as myself. I've seen a big increase in my sales totals since I started working 1 on 1 with Arthur in real-time deal coaching sessions. My conversion rates and cash rates have soared, and I owe a lot of my recent success to Arthur's vast experience, confidence, and detailed understanding of customer needs and motivations. I highly recommend Arthur for any Sales oriented training/coaching positions. Simply put, he is the best I've worked with.”

Ryan Robinson

BFC, Five Point Capital

“Arthur has been a consultant with Five Point Capital for a couple years. In his most recent time with Five Point Capital I had the opportunity to work side by side with Arthur to train the sales group. Arthur brought about fresh sales ideas as well as new technology, making the sales coaching even more effective. Arthur learned the business quickly and was able to provide on call coaching to new and tenured sales representatives. Arthur brought his own recommendations, but always went along with the direction provided by management. Arthur has been a valuable asset and part of our team's success can be attributed to the work he has done.”

Luke O’Dell

Sales Manager, Five Point Capital


Professional Credentials

Professional Credentials

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