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With a coach, you will have more structure, think more strategically, stay focused, and grow your business.

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With a coach, you will improve performance, set clearly defined goals, build the right mindset and develop winning habits.

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With a coach, you can be authentic, get frequent feedback, and be supported unconditionally to reach your destination.

Arthur is an amazing trainer in the areas of presenting and peak performance. My clients are extremely important to me, so when I choose a trainer for my team, I only want the absolute very best and that’s what Arthur is, the very best. He has delivered several programs for me and he always produces outstanding results. He puts everything he has into every training he does and my clients absolutely love him!

Tom McCarthy

Head Coach at Thomas McCarthy & Associates; Author of Win The Presentation Game, Thomas McCarthy & Associates

“Arthur was hired to provide Sales Training and Coaching, and to assist with the transition of new Sales Management Team at Five Point Capital. Arthur did a fantastic job. He was very well organized and conducted hands-on results-oriented sales training classes and followed them up with side-by-side coaching at our sales reps’ desks. He was a valuable temporary member of my management staff. Arthur and I collaborated on scripts and developing on-going training modules. Our sales reps looked forward to their time together with Arthur and they all felt that they improved after working with him. We worked on everything from delivering high-quality voice mail messages that get returned to closing the sale and how to coach team members effectively. He delivered everything he said he would and more. I highly recommend Arthur and plan on using him again soon.”

David Krakower

Director of Sales, Five Point Capital

“I have known Arthur for 20 years. We have run a few thousand miles together. I have known him through the companies where he has shared his talents, knowledge, and experience. Arthur is a teacher and a mentor. His ability to organize information and present it is masterful. He knows how to create a sense of community and teamwork. He has always been committed to continuous improvement. He makes things happen. Beyond his work, his commitment to his community and his neighborhood have been stellar. Wherever Arthur has gone he has made a difference. I am honored to call him my friend.”

Ozzie Gontang

Vistage Chair, Vistage WorldWide

I had the opportunity to work with Arthur who was part of my Peer Group Launch Team at Vistage. Arthur was my launch coach and was a valuable asset for me personally and professionally. His background in sales, plus his skill set in coaching brought great value each week as we met for about 4 months. Arthur was able to help me see more clearly the challenges that I faced and quickly identify the steps I could be taking to win. And it worked -- our team successfully launched! Aside from Coaching, I've found Arthur to be just a down to earth great guy to work with. Arthur, thanks for your help, partnership, and friendship. Press On My Friend!! - Andrew

Andrew Mulford

CEO at One Life Group, Vistage Worldwide, Inc.

“I first met Arthur in 1985 when he applied for a sales position with Dale Carnegie and Associates, Inc. I immediately recognized that his communications skills were already excellent. And yet, that being said, I greatly underestimated how good he was at the time. He was an award winner in his first full year in the business. A year later he was an award-winning team leader. He set the example for having a sterling work ethic. Arthur is one of the most motivated people I’ve met. He does his homework, he plans his work, and then he executes with precision and poise. Arthur gets excellent results. He’s even better at leading sales teams. He’s the guy who can Sell, Present, Manage and Motivate a team of sales people whether they are inside sales or outside sales. I worked with him at Secure Horizons when he was hired as the Sales Training Manager. He trained Sales Managers for three types of selling situations, inside phone sales, outside one-on-one sales people, and sales people who sold to groups. Arthur was excellent at all three and excelled with outside sales people. None of us have all of the answers to all of the challenges we may face. But, when it comes to leading a sales team, Arthur Schwartz is one of the best-trained people I know who can facilitate excellent results for most people. Call him!”

Doug Carter

Founder, Carter International Training

“I have known Arthur for about eight years since we both served on the board of the Computer and Electronics Marketing Association. He is a first rate public speaker who delivers high value to his audiences. I highly recommend him for any group who needs a marketing speaker, especially on the topics of social media.”

Henry DeVries

Founder, New Client Marketing Institute

Professional Credentials

Professional Credentials

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